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300maan-059 bộ phim đầu tay của cô gái xinh đẹp giấu tên


My husband is a good working man and my wife cheated on him. She thought to call my best friend, who is also a good working man, to come to my house and tell him about the cheating, but he did not want to think about it and instead acted like a fool. The husband also liked the idea, but then he called his friend to tell him everything, although he didn't say anything to her, so I forgot about the details. He also told us that my wife cheated on him with her boyfriend and that she will have a lot of money in this situation, so I could not believe it. The guy did not hesitate to tell us that he had been duped and that this was an opportunity to get revenge, so he also fucked my wife and this will be a good revenge.

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